Our commitment is 3 months, however men are welcome to stay as long as necessary

These fees cover all living expenses. We pay for extensive amounts of drug testing to insure the total safety of our clients from people in active addiction.

Dignity House also supplies (free) laundry facilities, paper towels, TP, cleaning supplies, wi-fi internet, DirecTV, all bedding, Assistance with transportation needs, and live in resident managers employed by Dignity House.We also have case management for each client to insure that our clients get the most help possible. We assist them with applying for food stamps, and bus passes if necessary. The admin fee is non refundable and is to differ all our additional expenses.If a client is coming out of residential treatment and wishes to secure an available spot. Our policy is that once they pay the admin fee we will hold the spot for up to thirty days while client is finishing treatment. We also have some pet friendly homes.

All fees are negotiable depending individuals financial resources. We operate on a sliding scale, and can help practically anyone. Also provide limited scholarship programs based on availability.








Non Refundable

Financial Budgeting Program

Men of Integrity has recently begun offering budgeting and finance management through Truelink Financial. Family and friends can support loved ones with protection. The TrueLink card allows Men of Integrity to block and monitor where the client spends money: removing access to bars, liquor stores, gambling, and cash. We do not give our clients access to cash and we hope you will support us with this! To learn more about TrueLink visit Truelinkcard.com if you would like your loved one to use this service contact us today and we will order their card and you can load funds directly into it.

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