Staffed and managed 24 hours a day by members of the recovery community, Our halfway House provides a foundation for residents to build a solid support group for themselves.

At Dignity House we focus on maintaining physical and emotional sobriety through the philosophy of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous / Narcotics Anonymous.

The Halfway House experience often follows traditional treatment or detox giving the person the best opportunity for recovery. Personal experience tells us that the primary reason for relapse is that after traditional treatment the alcoholic or drug abuser returns to the same people, places and things that fueled their addiction in the first place. The ability to relocate and to live with other people in recovery has been proven to work.

Dignity House operates as a loving, dignified transitional living environment with a focus on healthy structure and routine. With that in mind, we have Program Guidelines that we expect residents to adhere to.
  • Residents are required to maintain structure and a productive lifestyle through employment, school, or volunteer work.
  • We require a three month commitment with the understanding that residents are welcome to stay as long as they wish under program guidelines.
  • Residents pay their own rent on a weekly basis and are responsible for their own food, clothing, etc. Cable television and local phone service is provided.
  • Within thirty days of admittance, residents agree to obtain and work with a sponsor and to actively work the steps of AA/NA.
  • Curfew is strictly enforced, along with a zero tolerance of alcohol and drug use.
  • Should someone relapse, we do our best to get them back in treatment as soon as possible, but under no circumstances are they allowed to remain in the house and place other residents at risk.
  • Residents consent to attend at least five AA or NA meetings per week.

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